There’s Something Wrong in Vallejo, 3-Part Series
The Bay Podcast, KQED News

Part 1: The Life & Death of Willie McCoy
Part 2: One Night, Two Narratives
Part 3: How Did Things Get So Bad Between Vallejo and Its Police?

Officials Push for Safe Return of San Francisco Activist Shot in Philippines, KQED Forum

Vallejo in the Spotlight After Police Shootings, The California Report Magazine

Shooting At Shelter Only Adds To Trauma For Homeless 

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The Safety Net Is Broken: How Police Became Mental Health First Responders
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Police Report Shows Jason Washington Died Holding His Friend’s Gun
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2 Portland State University Officers Cleared In Jason Washington Shooting
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Substation Fire Now Nation’s Top Firefighting Priority
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Family Of Man Shot By PSU Police Demands University Disarm Campus Officers
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In Sheridan, Questions From Residents Linger About Immigrant Detainees
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As Oregon Grows, So Does Its Demand For Ethnic Grocery Stores
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Hearing On Washington Amtrak Derailment Zeroes In On Problematic Curves
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Substation Fire Now Nation’s Top Firefighting Priority
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A Mural On 82nd Avenue And The Art Of Taking Up Space
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In Oregon, Guide Dog Trainers Learn To Let Go
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Multnomah County Will Sell Unused Wapato Jail For $10.8 Million
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What A Scientist Lost In The Eagle Creek Fire
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Oregon Inmates To Build Nation’s 1st Healing Garden Behind Prison Walls
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For Undocumented Youth, Being Exceptional Is A Survival Tactic

For People With Visual Impairments, Eclipse Can Still Be Thrilling Experience
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As School Begins, How Are Oregon Schools Doing On Lead Treatment?
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Episode 21: Solar Eclipse 2017 & Olympics Coming to L.A.
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Why is Marin County So White?
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Why Does San Jose Have So Many Urban Islands?
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In San Francisco, Colleges and Universities Struggle to House Students
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For Some Filipino-Americans, Language Barriers Leave Culture Lost in Translation
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Raised ‘White:’ Chinese Adoptee Struggles in Scottsdale
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Urgency Grows in Effort to Honor Filipino WWII Vets Who Fought for U.S.