HI, I’m Ericka

I’m a producer for the The Bay at KQED in San Francisco, a podcast about Bay Area news and what it says about Bay Area identity.

Before that I was a breaking news reporter with Oregon Public Broadcasting in Portland, where my coverage explored Oregon’s growing demand for ethnic grocery stores and acts of hate that don’t meet the state’s legal definition of a hate crime.

My other past life is with NPR’s Code Switch team in Washington, D.C.

My work has also explored the role of language in the construction of Filipino-American identity, the forces that make one of the whitest counties in the Bay Area so white, and the complexities of being a Chinese transracial adoptee in a predominantly white suburb of Arizona.

I got my bachelor’s in international relations from San Francisco State University. I was once the only person in the county who wished to be summoned for jury duty. Then I wasn’t.

You can find me on Twitter @NotoriousECG